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Social Justice

Social Justice

Our Social Justice Ministries help us to get involved in our community. When we see the need for change, when we want to help, we find ways to act and build relationships with individuals and organizations. We find ways to get involved and ways to contribute. Here are some of the ways we are transforming Houston and the world. For more information contact socialjusticeteam@firstuu.org.

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Short-Term Social Justice Projects

Short-Term Social Justice Projects

Our short-term Social Justice projects run throughout the year and involve various community organizations.
"Deeds not creeds" describes the UU approach to the world, and our church is out in the community in full force.

1. Click here for monthly information and photos.
2. Click here to access the Social Justice Guide, i.e., the year's schedule and detailed information for projects organized by community organization.
3. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

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To find information on future, current and previous projects click here.
Sign up to work on any of the short-term Social Justice projects online or at the social justice table in Channing Hall.

Signature Social Justice Project

Signature Social Justice Project

The longer term, or signature, social justice project of the church is called Healthy Parenting. The issue was chosen as the result of a church-wide survey conducted in the Fall of 2012. The decision was made to assist young mothers and families as they struggle to nurture young children and become self-supporting and focus on existing and successful programs in our own Third Ward neighborhood.

The issue is large enough and deep enough to involve volunteers with every skill and interest. Tutors are needed for both young mothers and children. Willing child care providers are essential. Drivers will be needed to help single mothers move into new quarters. Knitters could be useful to make comforting small blankets. And more and more.

For the full story, check the website under Signature Social Justice Program.

Shared Offering

Each month we split our Sunday offerings with an organization that is working to support our values. More information on the organizations we share our offerings with is found here.

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