A spiritual community for all: advancing justice and embracing diversity with love and acceptance
First UU Church Houston

Our Church

From all over this great sprawling city our members find their way on Sunday morning to be together. We are theists, humanists, atheists, agnostics, pagans, doubters and seekers sitting in the pews together so that we may stand and sing, reflect on our lives and find strength to be our best selves as we head back out into the weekdays of our lives.

Social Justice is our faith in action. As the first church in Houston to be desegregated, we have a long history of openness to people of varied backgrounds. We offered sanctuary in the 1980's to those who fled their own country for political asylum. We are a Welcoming Congregation to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. We've been involved in the creation of a handful of local agencies that have given years of service to our community.

Families are an important part of our ministry, as we delight in having the young among us grow and learn about their lives. Supported with warmth and love, our children and youth have the freedom as individuals to find their own spiritual paths. We offer support to parents, knowing that their job is not only very important, but from time to time trying and challenging.

We support each other in times of need. Our Care Team brings food and help to those who are sick or need a hand. Our ministers are available for pastoral care. Our Chalice Circles offer support through human connection and spiritual exploration.

We like to play, eat, sing and learn together. For many of us, we have found deep and lasting friendships in this community and want to have fun together.

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