A spiritual community for all: advancing justice and embracing diversity with love and acceptance

In Our Own Words…

Voices of a Liberal Faith -- Unitarian Universalists

First Church is open to different beliefs, including yours and mine.

Members speak out about why they value First Church.

"First Church... where you come to have your answers questioned." -- Steve Braun

"... not only is it OKAY to think for yourself, it's encouraged and expected from all participants in this church community." -- Pam Perry

"First Church has meant a place for me to be involved, to think, meditate, and make new friends. It does not regulate my beliefs, nor do I have to agree with any set theology, philosophy, or minister. I just have to show respect for others and I know that others respect my ideas, even if they disagree." -- Joe Zuchlewski

"Where do atheists go for spiritual nourishment? If they're paying attention, they come here." -- Tom Cowen

First Church offers a broad education in spiritual matters and embodies these values beyond the classroom.

"...our children and youth learn about consensus, about taking care of the earth, about different religions in this place where the people we meet in Sunday morning coffee hour see the world as a place where folks of all kinds matter."-- Carol Burrus

First Church is about finding a community of people where there can be challenge and comforting relief.

"...where I come to tend my soul, to buoy by spirits when I'm downcast, and to lift myself out of the practicalities of everyday life." -- Laura Nagel

"We visited and were immediately drawn to the sense of fellowship we found here." -- Barbara Nelson

"I've benefited from the expectation, not just acceptance, but the assumption that women will lead and excel." -- Wendy Van Syckle

First Church is a congregation that comes together to find strength and inspiration to act on the values we hold dear.

"...a fellowship that dared to challenge the status quo." -- David B. Collins

"...open to all people, regardless of their sexual orientation." -- Lindley Doran

"...this church [was] the first in the city to desegregate. I am proud of the many social justice programs initiated by this church. First UU remains a beacon of progressive thinking in this city." -- Joyce Ambler

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