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Below is a sampling of recent sermons. We hope these will give you an idea of the kinds of topics and issues our ministers choose and how they go about reflecting and sharing with the congregation. Click on the word "Audio" next to a sermon below to listen to it, and on the word "Video" to view the sermon.

Date Speaker Sermon    
9/17/2017 Susan Yarbrough Contours of Compassion   Video
9/10/2017 Rev. Dan King Compassion: Deep in the heart?   Video
8/13/2017 Susan Yarbrough What You Seek is Seeking You   Video
08/06/2017 Ralph Krog Thinking About the Unthinkable Audio Video
07/30/2017 Rev. Marisol Caballero Gotta Get Up To Get Down Audio Video
07/23/2017 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard The Principle of Love Audio
07/16/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Doubt Audio Video
07/02/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Character Audio Video
06/18/2017 Rev. Dr. Leonora Montgomery Fake News, Alternative Facts, Bullshit and the Truth that Sets Us Free Audio Video
06/04/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Movement Video
05/28/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Smashing The Patriarchy: Why Our Liberation Is Tied to One Another Audio Video
05/21/2017 Ralph Krog The Garden Of Rememberance Audio Video
05/07/2017 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Men In Church Audio Video
04/30/2017 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Self-Made Man Audio Video
04/23/2017 Ralph Krog Eye Of The Hurricane Audio Video
04/09/2017 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Rainbows Streaming Through Our Hands Audio Video
04/02/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Comfort Me Audio Video
03/26/2017 Rev. Daniel O'Connell A UU View of Prayer Audio Video
03/19/2017 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Blame The Shadow Video
03/12/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Fashion Tips For Emperors Video
03/05/2017 Rev. Daniel O'Connell The Evil of Ordinary People Audio Video
02/26/2017 Ralph Krog Shadows and Crystals Audio Video
02/12/2017 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Hearts Broken Open Audio Video
02/05/2017 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Mind and Soul Ablaze Audio  
01/29/2017 Ralph Krog Gratitude: Thank You Very Much Audio Video
01/22/2017 Rev. Angela Henderson Loving and Letting Go Audio Video
01/15/2017 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Letting Go of Fear Audio Video
01/01/2017 Ralph Krog Wheels & Spirals, Doors & Corridors, Anxiety & Faith Audio Video
12/25/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Jesus' UU Values Audio Video
12/11/2016 Ralph Krog A Heaven In Hell Audio Video
11/27/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Take Back The Word Audio Video
11/13/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Hold On Audio Video
11/06/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell A UU View of God Audio Video
10/30/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Dia de los Muertos Audio
10/23/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Why We Vote Audio Video
10/16/2016 Randy Partain Trust and Democratic Relationships Video
10/09/2016 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Theology of Democracy Audio Video
10/02/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell The End of Democracy? Audio Video
09/25/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Home Audio Video
09/18/2016 Randy Partain Reaching Out Audio Video
09/11/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Hospitality Is A Leap Of Faith Audio Video
08/28/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Values Into Action Audio Video
08/21/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Is UU Really a Religion? Audio Video
08/14/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Measured In Love Audio Video
08/07/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Where The Light Gets In Audio Video
07/31/2016 Patti Henry The Blues Brothers Audio Video
07/24/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson To Live With Compassion Audio Video
07/17/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Life As Sacred Text Audio Video
07/10/2016 Rev. Bob Tucker Brother, Where Art Thou? Audio Video
06/26/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Pillars Audio Video
06/19/2016 Rev. Chuck Freeman Fling Off Your Bushel: Let Reproductive Justice Light Shine! Audio Video
06/12/2016 Susan Yarbrough Saying Grace, Being Gratitude Audio Video
05/29/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Seeking Sophia Audio Video
05/22/2016 Randy Partain You Can't Steal The Moon Audio Video
05/15/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Make Believe Audio Video
05/08/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Annual Flower Communion Audio Video
05/01/2016 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard All Strings which are Touched in Love Must Sound Audio Video
04/24/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Is There Room For Grace? Audio Video
04/17/2016 Randy Partain A Posture Of Renewal Audio Video
04/10/2016 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Engaged In Faith Audio Video
04/03/2016 Rev. Krista Taves Staying Woke, Showing Up: Unitarian Universalists and Black Lives Matter Audio Video
03/27/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Easter Audio Video
03/20/2016 Randy Partain Rain Without Thunder And Lightning Audio Video
03/13/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson From Many, One Video
03/06/2016 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard The Elephant In The Room Audio Video
02/28/2016 Randy Partain Speaking The Truth In Love Audio Video
02/21/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Keep The 95 Percent Audio Video
02/14/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Discovering Your Tribe Audio Video
02/07/16 Rev. Angela Henderson I Hope You Dance Video
01/24/16 Randy Partain Promises Not Worth Keeping Video
01/17/2016 Rev. Angela Henderson Soul Friends Audio Video
01/10/2016 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Discard Clutter, Discover Joy Audio Video
12/27/15 Rev. Angela Henderson Justice And Joy Audio Video
12/13/15 Randy Partain Delighting In Life Audio Video
11/29/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell The Wisdom of Diversity Audio Video
11/15/15 Randy Partain Speaking In Tongues Video
11/08/15 Rev. Angela Henderson First They Came... Audio Video
11/01/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Dia de los Muertos Audio
10/25/15 Rev. Angela Henderson When Love Knocks Audio Video
10/18/15 Randy Partain Unlabeled Audio Video
10/11/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Unexpected Blessings Audio Video
10/04/15 Rev. Angela Henderson Sowing Good Deeds Video
09/27/15 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Roots and Branches Audio Video
09/13/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Nourishing Spirituality Audio Video
08/30/15 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Practicing Mindfulness Audio Video
08/23/15 Rev. Angela Henderson Who Needs Church? Audio Video
08/16/15 Randy Partain This Is Our Earth Audio Video
08/09/15 Rev. Leonora Montgomery Earth as Source Forever Turning Audio Video
08/02/15 Rev. Chuck Freeman A Noble Harvest for Organized Justice in Texas Audio Video
07/19/15 Andy Gerhart Entering "Cadillac Desert": The Miracle And Tragedy Of Water Audio Video
07/12/15 Rev. Meg Barnhouse You Are Made Of Stars: And Other Songs And Stories Audio Video
07/05/15 Rev. Bob Tucker America: A Godless Constitution That Protects Religion Audio Video
06/28/15 Susan Yarbrough Fire Of Commitment Audio Video
06/21/15 Rev. Angela Henderson When Wishing Is Not Enough Audio Video
06/14/15 Jim Scott Gaia, Mother Earth, and the Oneness of Everything Audio Video
06/07/15 Rev. Angela Henderson Recovering Vitality and Connection Video
05/31/15 Randy Partain Dancing To a Living Dream Audio Video
05/24/15 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Natures Deranged Scheme Audio Video
05/03/15 Rev. Angela Henderson A Sultan And A Queen: Making Way For A Unitarian King Audio Video
04/26/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Three Jewels Of Taoism Audio Video
04/19/15 Randy Partain Integrity and Appearance Audio Video
04/12/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell A UU View of Buddhism Audio Video
03/29/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell The Power Of Forgiveness Audio Video
03/22/15 Randy Partain Drinking Poison Audio Video
03/15/15 Rev. Angela Henderson An Opening Of The Heart Audio Video
03/08/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Same You, Different Story Audio Video
03/01/15 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Stories That Transform Audio Video
02/22/15 Rev. Dr. Daniel O'Connell Super Hero Sunday Audio Video
02/15/15 Randy Partain Cooking Our Anger Audio Video
02/08/15 Rev. Angela Henderson When The Center Moves Audio Video
01/25/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Mary Livermore: Universalist Prophet Audio Video
01/18/15 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Masks, Blindfolds and Multiculturalism Audio Video
01/11/15 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard This May Be The Last Time Audio Video
12/28/14 Rev. Angela Henderson Our Prophetic Legacy Audio Video
12/21/14 Randy Partain Telling Stories and Making Meaning Audio Video
12/14/14 Rev. Angela Henderson Unitarian Universist Christianity Audio Video
12/07/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Music Sunday Video
11/30/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell A UU View Of Sabbath Audio Video
11/16/14 Randy Partain Humanism And Morality Audio Video
11/09/14 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard Idolatries of the Mind and Spirit Audio Video
11/02/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Humanism: Deeds, Not Creeds Audio Video
10/19/14 Rev. Angela Henderson Face The Dawn Audio Video
10/12/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Your Own Direct Experience Audio Video
10/05/14 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard To Touch Inward Springs Audio Video
09/28/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Becoming Complaint Free Audio Video
09/21/14 Randy Partain Abundance: Showing Up For Life Audio Video
09/14/14 Rev. Angela Henderson Abundance: Where Does It Come From? Audio Video
09/07/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Discovering Abundance Audio Video
08/24/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Five Smooth Stones Audio Video
08/17/14 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard What Is Our Good News? Audio Video
08/10/14 Rev. Angela Henderson Truth: Science, Faith, and Non-Negotiables Audio Video
08/03/14 Rev. Chuck Freeman UU Justice Ministry Audio Video
07/27/14 Rev. Kathleen Ellis Grief and Hope for Sacred Earth Audio Video
07/20/14 Nell Newton Neurology: The God In Our Brains Audio Video
07/13/14 Susan Yarbrough The Call Of Nature Audio Video
07/06/14 Rev. Kathleen Ellis Spiritual Ecology Audio Video
06/22/14 Rev. Dr. Leonora Montgomery The Light of Truth - Science Or Religion? Audio Video
06/15/14 Yaira Robinson Climate Justice, The Sabbatical Year, and Local Resilience Audio Video
06/08/14 Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford Because Science Audio Video
06/01/14 Rev. Angela Henderson Creative Antidote Audio Video
05/25/14 Rev. Bonnie Vegiard To Kneel Down In The Grass Audio Video
05/04/14 Rev. Daniel O'Connell Who Is The Center Of The Universe Audio Video
04/27/14 Rev. Kathleen Ellis Healthy Pride Audio Video

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