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Houston Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Join UU’s from the Greater Houston area June 25 as we march in Houston's Pride Parade to show our solidarity with the GLBTQ community!

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016

  • Parade begins at 8:30 pm
  • Location: Downtown Houston
  • If you wish to help decorate the float for the parade, please arrive at the Museum District campus by 12:30 pm Saturday. The float has to be in the line up area between 2:15 and 3:15PM on parade day.
  • After we finish decorating the float we will hang out at the Museum District campus to make posters, eat, etc.
  • The parade organizers will not provide us with a map of the lineup, so we will not know where we will be located downtown until our float is actually in place. We will run shuttle van between First UU Museum District and the parade assembly point until 6pm.
  • ALL MEMBERS OF OUR GROUP WILL BE ISSUED A numbered blue ARMBAND. PLEASE HAVE AN EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON AND PHONE NUMBER FOR the contact person ( preferably someone not at the parade). We are taking this extra precaution due to the Orlando incident. In previous years we have had people try to join our group who did not belong.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Gail Wilkins at wilkins.gail@gmail.com or via text at 713-382-3441.

Parade Details


Please bring water/gatorade to keep yourself hydrated.

Consider getting some "Chill Ties" (they are located in the golf equipment area in Academy stores). Wet them down with cool water and tie around your neck, in solids or prints, $2.99.They really do help. May be available at other stores under different names.

Stuff to Carry in the Parade

  • Consider wearing something that glows in the dark like a neon necklace, bracelet, or flashing pin. We'll have glow necklaces on hand.
  • Make your own sign!

Stuff NOT to Carry in the Parade

  • In order to protect our tax-exempt status, please do not wear, display, or distribute any clothing, buttons, shirts, literature, etc. supporting a particular candidate for public office or a particular political party. Thank you.
  • Pride Houston asks that no animals be brought to the parade.
  • Pride Houston does not allow alcoholic beverages in the parade, or in the parade assembly area. If anyone in our party is drinking, the entire UU entry in the parade could be kicked out of the parade.

Stuff We Need for the Parade

Bottled water, ice, ice chests, mosquito repellant, 3 fire extinguishers. If you can help out with any of this, please let Gail know. (See contact info below.)

No Bikes, Skateboards, etc.

Pride Houston does not allow parade participants to ride bikes, skateboards, etc. in the parade.

For more info

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Gail Wilkins at wilkins.gail@gmail.com or via text at 713-382-3441.

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