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Family Ministries

  • Parents Night Out - On second Saturdays of each month parents get together at a restaurant to share an evening with other UU parents. The church nursery provides a safe place for the children to play with each other during that time.
  • Special Events and Activities for Children and Youth

  • Closing Circle - Children from Preschool through 5th Grade end their religious education session with 10 minutes of community singing in the Fireside Room.  Parents join them in a multigenerational experience.
  • Annual Fundraiser & Auction Project - In the fall our children contribute to the Church's Annual Fundraiser & Auction with crafts they create.
  • Group Photo - In early November we take a group photo of our children, youth and teachers. Photos from past years are hung in Stairway "A."
  • Pumpkin Carving - On the Sunday preceding Halloween, families gather in the Crane Fireside Room during both services to carve or decorate pumpkins.  These are then shown off to the congregation as they exit the service.
  • Christmas Eve Service - The early service on Christmas Eve is designed with children in mind. Dec. 24th.
  • Easter Social Action Project - We have an annual drive for paper and canned goods. It culminates in an Easter Parade to to take the goods to a nearby service organization(s).
  • Water Ceremony - Each year, as members and friends return from summer adventures, they bring water to add to a communal bowl that represents the flowing together of our lives in this spiritual community.
  • Feast of All Good Children - This annual ceremony honors the transitions of our children and youth as they move up to the next grade in school and our Religious Education program. We create one great cake from many sheet cakes and symbolically jump to the next level, and honoring the changes inherent in growing up.

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Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)

YRUU focuses on six components to balance its program: Worship, Leadership, Community Building, Social Action, Learning and Youth-Adult Relations. While religious education is the keystone of the youth program, much YRUU takes place outside of the Sunday morning hour. We welcome individuals once they begin ninth grade until you turn eighteen and join our young adults.

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Parents' Group

Parents' Group - Support, education and connection for parents. Have you ever felt the need to talk with other parents as you navigated your own parenting? We are a group of thoughtful parents who meet at 11:00 a.m. most Sundays of each month. Some of the ideas that we have considered are: creating rituals for our families, teaching our children about sexuality, and simplifying our lives. Contact ParentsGroupCoordinator@firstuu.org for more information.

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Church Spring Retreat

Church Retreat - Each year, usually the in late April, you can join the all-church retreat at Piney Woods Camp, about 3 hours northeast of Houston. This retreat offers opportunities for individuals and families to experience nature together, to go boating and to be together. There are programs for children, workshops for adults and time to get to know other church members.

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