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Healthy Congregation Team

Purpose of the Healthy Congregation Team:

At First UU, we expect differences of opinion, but seek to avoid dissension. In the church, disagreement or conflict between members and the ministers or staff (or between members of groups and group leaders), can be especially damaging. This team seeks to foster constructive dialogue between members and leaders and to help head off conflicts before they become serious.

To prevent disagreements from festering, we often simply provide information about governance structure and procedure—letting people know, for example, whom to talk to about this or that concern. We also try to keep the staff and ministers informed about congregational concerns.

When major issues arise and decisions need to be made, we help organize and facilitate “town hall meetings,” where people can air their opinions and gain information about the issues. Our aim on these occasions is to ensure that everyone is mindful of our behavioral covenant and that the process is constructive.

The HCT's current members are:

  • Connie Acosta, chair
  • Robert Barnett
  • Earl Dredge
  • Ruth Hoffman

Contact us at HCT@firstuu.org. We are eager to hear from you!

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